We have a network of supply chains that provide down for our clothing and sleeping bag ranges. We primarily use slaughterhouse-based supply chains (where a single large or defined group of farms supply a slaughterhouse directly) to provide our down. This is because of the reliability of such supply chains and the relative ease of ensuring traceability. Collection-based supply chains (where many small farms provide down to local collectors who then sell it on) may sometimes offer advantages over slaughterhouse-based supply chains, but they can be difficult to audit reliably and traceability therefore becomes a concern.

Duck Down

By continuing to champion the use of duck down, we are choosing to purchase our greatest volumes of down in one of the ‘lowest risk’ farming sectors, which even without audits reduces our exposure to the issues of live plucking and force-feeding which are more commonly associated within geese farming.

We operate just two supply chains for Duck Down. One of these is located in China, Asia while the other is in Germany, Europe. Both have been audited to DOWN CODEX® requirements.

Goose Down

For the very highest quality products we continue to use only the most exceptional qualities of Goose Down commercially available.

We have only one source of Goose Down. It is a small supply chain based in Russia which has been audited to DOWN CODEX® requirements. We have worked with this supplier for almost a decade and believe this is one of the best down sources available anywhere.

Goose Down versus Duck Down: The Age-Old Debate

According to research published by the IDFL, whilst Goose Down typically has average fill powers 5 to 10% higher than Duck Down, their research consistently shows that superior quality duck down has performance consistently above that of mediocre or poor Goose Down. Indeed, if fill power of a Goose Down and a Duck Down sample are equal, performance of the two down samples are exceptionally similar.

90-10 800+ Russian Goose Down

A premium quality Goose Down sourced from Western Russian.A combined mother goose farm, hatchery and slaughterhouse supply birds to two farms. The farms and slaughterhouse are located within 20 km of each other and are all part of the same company. Birds are free range with access to water and plentiful space. Slaughter is carried out using traditional methods. Pre-washing of the down takes place locally before being transported to Germany for final processing. This goose down is used in our Extreme sleeping bags and our finest down clothing.

Date of last audit: August 2018

90-10 700+ German Duck Down

A high quality duck down sourced from Northern Germany. The down is sourced through a series of industrial-sized farms i.e. a large-scale farm each rearing tens of thousands of birds which collectively supply a single slaughterhouse. The slaughterhouse is located approximately 100km South-West of Berlin with the farms themselves all located within a 2-3 hour radius. The farms are run by experienced farmers and are regularly visited by veterinarians in accordance with local laws and regulations. This Duck Down is used in some of duck down sleeping bags and is also used in some of our duck-down-filled clothing.

Date of last audit: September 2018

90-10 700+ Chinese Duck Down

This high quality duck down is sourced from the Shangdong province in North-Eastern China. This down is sourced from ducks from medium-large scale ‘industrial’ farms which are contracted directly by the slaughterhouse. The birds are predominantly barn-raised and are slaughtered at between four and five weeks old for their meat. The down is then shipped to an intemediary processor before sold onto to our supplier in Hangzhou province, China.This Duck Down is used in some of duck down sleeping bags and is also used in some of our duck-down-filled clothing.

Date of last audit: November 2016

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