201417th December 2014

Following our decision to cease work with two previous supply chain partners, in June an audit is carried out in the Zanghua and Taoyuan regions of Taiwan to allow one of our already nominated suppliers to upscale production. This is the first time that a ‘Corrective Action Plan’ is issued to one of the processors […]

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201317th December 2013

3 years of studying our supply chains has highlighted the need to try and reduce the number of partners we work with, a logical step in the further reduction of risk. The first of two suppliers, factories who supplied their own down are removed from our supply chain. Whilst both suppliers passed our minimum standards […]

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201217th December 2012

Prior to 2012, all of the auditing work we had carried out had focussed solely on down being sourced for use in our range of sleeping bags. In the summer of 2012 we begin the first stage of introducing DOWN CODEX® to our clothing range and turn our attention to one of our major garment […]

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201118th December 2011

In July of 2011 we turn our attention to our second major supply-chain, our source of Eastern European Goose Down. Using the template that IDFL had established in China, representatives make contact with our supply chain partners in Taiwan. The first major surprise is that the farms and processors supplying the raw material to our […]

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201017th December 2010

Mountain Equipment join forces with the IDFL to gather information and challenge assumptions about our supply chain. We become the first brand in the world to carry out an audit of a multi-source supply chain in China. Travelling to Heibei Province in China, representatives from the IDFL visit the factories, down-processors and slaughterhouses. In addition […]

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