Where Your Down is From

A high-quality duck down sourced from Northern Germany.

The down is sourced through a series of industrial-sized farms i.e. a large-scale farm each rearing tens of thousands of birds which collectively supply a single slaughterhouse. The slaughterhouse is located approximately 100km South-West of Berlin with the farms themselves all being located within a 2-3 hour radius. The farms are run by experienced farmers and are regularly visited by veterinarians in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Each farm typically has at least 2-3 flocks consisting of Peking White Duck. The birds are typically bred for up to 40 days, primarily for meat production, before being sent to slaughter.
Mountain Equipment staff, alongside an independent auditor, visited two of the supply chain’s farms in August 2017 with a further follow-up audits being carried out by our auditors in February 2018 and September 2018. In addition to numerous farms, the slaughterhouse and pre-processor were also audited.

NOTE: The audit for this supply-chain took place over a much longer timescale than normal. The reason given was due to the complexities evident in this large-scale Industrial supply chain. This is a ‘low-risk’ supply chain owing to the location of the farms where animal welfare rules are strict and undergo regular checks by local authorities and we are continuing to work with the supplier to get a more detailed picture of this supply chain.

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Our very best duck down with an actual minimum down cluster content of 90% and individually tested at the point of filling to ensure a minimum fill power of 700.

Your Down Content & Fill

Down Cluster90.2%
Down Fibre4%
Fill Power750
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