Where Our Down Comes From

All of the down we purchase is a by-product of the food & meat industry. In the case of our duck down supply chains, birds are raised for approximately 29-40 days before being taken to slaughter. In our goose down supply chain, birds are raised to approximately 84-91 days before being taken to the slaughterhouse.

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The Audit

Any supplier wishing to work with us must accept the terms of our DOWN CODEX® and be willing to grant access for our representatives to audit all parts of their supply chain – from farms to pre-processors to slaughterhouses.

Audits are carried out on our behalf by one of two auditing bodies: eitherthe International Down & Feather Laboratory (IDFL) or Control Union. IDFL are an established and independent global test and auditing house that have worked with us from the beginning to develop our auditing standards. Control Union are a world-leading auditing body who we have been working with since 2016 and have extensive experience in auditing down and feather supply chains.

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What is the DOWN CODEX code?
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