100% Traceable

All of the virgin down we purchase is a by-product of the food & meat industry and 100% of it comes from independently audited sources. In addition to virgin down we also now source recycled down, 100% of which come from post consumer sources.

In the case of our virgin duck down supply chains, most birds are raised for their meat and slaughtered at 45-60 days of age whereas those raised for egg production will live considerably longer. In our goose down supply chain, birds are typically sent to slaughter at 16 weeks.

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Independently Audited

All of the supply chains we use are independently audited to ensure standards of welfare and quality are met. Auditing a supply chain involves visiting all aspects of that supply chain – the processing facilities, the slaughterhouses and of course the farms. We are committed to transparency and continue to make both our welfare audit reports as well as our quality control reports publicly available online.

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A History of DOWN CODEX

In 2009 we made a promise to commit as much time and effort into addressing environmental, ethical and welfare concerns within our supply chains as we did to ensuring we sourced the very best materials and made the very best products. It was a direct response to the concerns raised by numerous animal welfare charities and NGOs but driven by our own values.

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